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What’s in the Box?!? The Return of the Mystery Games

Last year during UPickVG IV, we introduced a really fun game mechanic to our game-a-thon: Mystery Games. We had no idea how well it would go over. Would people hate it? After all, the name of our fundraiser is “U-Pick…” as in, YOU pick the games we play on air. What fun is picking if… Read More »

Steel Battalion, AKA, Never Enough Hands

[Editor’s Note: While the rest of us were busy doing important preparing-for-the-charity-marathon-that’s-only-two-weeks-away things, Grant snuck in here and wrote another one of his “reviews.” Once again, we’re terribly sorry, and would like to apologize in advance.] Steel Battalion has 40 buttons, two giant flight sticks, and three foot pedals.  I have enough mental capacity to… Read More »

UPickVG IV Player Shift Schedule

You are super hyped for UPickVG IV, the upcoming 48-hour-long video game marathon where you get to pick the games that are played. You’ve requested games that you want to see, you’ve been voting on all those requested games to solidify their inclusion, and you’re shoving gobs of money into a special savings account just… Read More »