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Please Note: Donations for the next charity marathon, UPickVG 5, are currently open! The best way to request a game is to make a donation right now and pick the game you want. But if you have an idea for a far-future marathon instead, please put it in the comments below!

Our premise is simple: you guys donate money to charity and name games you want to see us play, and we play those games for you in a (hopefully) entertaining live internet broadcast.

Obviously, an important part of this premise is the “naming games you want to see” part. The very first time we ever did this thing, we realized how important it is to provide a list of the games we have available for a broadcast, and to (ironically) limit that list to a certain number. Otherwise, folks tend to get all “paradox of choice” and freeze up: unable to think of a game to donate for, they turn away defeated, not donating at all… making us some sad pandas.

We came up with a compromise: each charity broadcast we do has a list of “Available Games” that donors can choose from. This list takes into account games we have available to us, games we think will make for an entertaining broadcast, and most importantly games that have been requested by viewers like you!

Here’s where you do that. Right here. Well, not right right here, down below here. On this page. In the comments. We think you get the idea. To request a game for a future fundraising broadcast, you need only leave a comment at the bottom of this page answering the simple question:

What game(s) would you donate money (to charity) to see us play?

Before setting the list for each new charity broadcast, we’ll look through the comments here and incorporate as many of the requests as we possibly can. So get commenting now to see the games you want in the next charity broadcast!

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Tomb Raider 1 or 2




can you also play skylanders


Can you play zero suit samus the next time you do the charity


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Pokemon X/Y


sims 4, and super smash bros again