UPickVG 5: Return to Refraction

By | June 2, 2016

For our 5th big charity game-a-thon, the UPickVG crew is proud to be venturing off to a brand new, undiscovered land: Refraction co-working space in Reston, Virginia!

Refraction Co-Working Space, Reston Virginia

It’s like Neverland, with really high-speed internet!

“But wait!” you exclaim, because you are very clever, and you not only read the title of this post, but you also distinctly remember UPickVG IV last year broadcasting out of Refraction. Can’t put anything past you, now can we?

Except, this truly is a new space for us! In the last year (the last few months, actually), Refraction has grown and renovated their space, and created a brand new event space that is truly remarkable. And we’re not just saying that – we are so, so proud and lucky to be holding our event in this great new space:

Refraction Co-working Space - Event space

Yes, THIS is where we’ll be for UPickVG 5!

This is all a great shock to us – we already thought Refraction was the bee’s knees after our great experience in their old space last year. But they’ve somehow topped the space that they had, and even put in a second kitchen cafe space… which our volunteers will be totally raiding for snacks:

Refraction Co-working Space - Cafe

That fridge in the back of the picture? Full of energy drinks. Perfect for powering a 48-hour game-a-thon for charity!

The folks at Refraction have been so wonderful and kind to us (and understanding of our fridge raids), we just want to give them a big ol’ shoutout: Special thanks to Rachael, Nick, and Jordan for setting us up and taking care of all our weird needs to make this thing happen, and to James of Canvas for working with us on this event and helping us to make it really shine.

Refraction Co-working Space - Arcade Cabinets

Oh, and don’t worry: the arcade cabinets are still in the event space. Because the only thing better than 48 hours of video games, is MOAR VIJEO GAMES!

Check out Refraction’s website for more information, throw them a thank-you on Twitter for hosting UPickVG 5, and be sure to tune in June 3rd-5th to see the Refraction event space in action for our big event!

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