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Gaze Into the Iris! Karma Points at UPickVG

We have a number of prizes for the UPickVG 5 charity marathon, donated through our sponsors and players. “Prizes? I love prizes!” you say. We do too! Who doesn’t? What prizes do we have? These! Just a few examples of fabulous prizes we have to give away during UPickVG 5! “How get prizes?” Well my… Read More »

UPickVG 5: Revenge of the Wheel of Destiny

During a UPickVG game-a-thon for charity, your charity donations pick the games we play. It’s pretty much our “thing.” But donations aren’t the only thing that determine the game of the hour (every hour!): there’s also… THE WHEEL OF DESTINY! If you need a little refresher course on how the Wheel of Destiny works, we’re… Read More »

Different Solutions to the Water Crisis in Very Different Places

When you think of water scarcity, what comes to mind? Do you imagine hot, arid deserts? Dusty roads with bright sun and no shelter? Or do you imagine green mountains with arable land? Silty river basins with long rainy seasons? Two of our past charity: water projects, in Rwanda and Cambodia, present a unique conundrum… Read More »

Sponsor Spotlight: Comics and Gaming Fairfax

Our location sponsor for World Water Day this year is at one of our favorite local gaming and comic shops! Called, fortunately, Comics & Gaming Fairfax! They utilize two shops, one maximizing their layout for tabletop games and the other down the road in the Fair Oaks Mall, carrying more of their single issue and… Read More »

Interview on Slashdot Video

Want to learn more about what we do here at the U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity, and how we do it? We recently sat down to answer some questions from Slashdot (/.)’s timothy about what we do, and how it all happens. Check out the two-part interview on Slashdot’s site to see Grant and… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Our Streaming Setup “Before”

Long-time viewers and anyone who’s watched our archive footage can tell you: our streaming setup works (most of the time), but it ain’t always pretty. The unique challenges of our charity marathon stream (changing games every hour, on the hour, with less than 10 minutes’ warning as to what game & system to switch to) have led to a lot of “just make it work” type solutions to get us on the air.

This month, we’re changing that.