Sponsor Spotlight: Comics and Gaming Fairfax

By | March 15, 2016

Our location sponsor for World Water Day this year is at one of our favorite local gaming and comic shops! Called, fortunately, Comics & Gaming Fairfax! They utilize two shops, one maximizing their layout for tabletop games and the other down the road in the Fair Oaks Mall, carrying more of their single issue and trade paperback comic books. Our stream is taking place in the tabletop shop, nestled in old town Fairfax between a local coffee shop with mean tuna sandwiches and a record store.


Much homey. So coze.


Their staff is always kind and accommodating to all ages and genders. I’ve been lead to some fantastic new reads through their suggestions, ones I’d never think of like Squarriors (think of Redwall, add death metal and a pinch of Conan) and Southern Cross. They have extensive knowledge of independent and mainstream titles and are always happy to answer that hugely vague and challenging question, “Do you have any recommendations?” It’s always a pleasure to visit and chat about both new and older comics with them.



Picking up a few POPS! along with your monthly haul never hurts either. Everyone needs a wee Deadpool on their desks.


D&D players

Equal opportunity nerdity!

Fairfax Logo

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