World Water Day Gameathon: March 21-22

By | February 26, 2016

World Water Day Gameathon 2016The U-Pick Video Marathon Group for Charity is proud to announce our next gameathon for charity: water! For this year’s World Water Day (March 22nd), we’ll be streaming the games you want to see, to raise money and awareness for clean water projects in the developing world.

This UPickVG gameathon has a twist: We’ll be playing the games you suggest, that give us an opportunity to talk about the water crisis. What does that mean, exactly? It means that with your game suggestion, we ask that you leave a note about how the game relates to clean water or the water crisis. Then, we’ll pick the best justifications (not necessarily the best games), and those are the games that will be available for you to choose to make us play during our 28-hour World Water Day marathon!

To help get you thinking about games/justifications, here are the suggestions our volunteers have come up with:

Game Justification
Aqua Aqua It’s a puzzle game, name means “Water Water”
Oregon Trail Dysentery
Last of Us It’s a game about survival, and fungi that can clean water
Bioshock Takes place underwater, and is gross and scary
Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Takes place on a boat!
SOMA Is also underwater and scary
Wetrix Create landscapes to manage water
Super Mario Sunshine Many of the missions revolve around cleaning grime with a water pump
Fallout: New Vegas Survival Mode where you must drink water
Banjo-Kazooie Lack of sanitation is a big concern relating to the water crisis. And this game has an entire section that takes place in a toilet.
Tampon Run Lack of clean water makes feminine hygiene extremely difficult for women in the developing world. This game about tampons gives us a chance to talk about that.
Silent Hill 2 More opportunities to bring up toilets and sanitation, as James reaches into toilets

Now please note: not all of the above volunteer suggestions are good. We’re confident you can do much better. (Especially with the “justifications” part.)

You can request as many games as you want, so long as each game request is paired with a justification for why that game works in the World Water Day theme. So help us out, and ensure you get to see the games you want, by leaving a comment right now!

Update: Game requests are now closed. Thank you x100000 to everyone who suggested something for World Water Day! <3 Keep an eye on this blog for updates on how and when YOU can donate to see these games played.

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Project Zomboid – Zambies are dirty, they need clean water.


Mario Sunshine – You have to clean up a dirty island.

Canageek (@Canageek)


Canageek (@Canageek)
Submerged: Sadly got poor reviews, but it looked super good from previews. Freddi Fish and Luther’s Water Worries: It is buy the Fatty Bear people, how bad can it be? Subnautica: I hear it is pretty good, and it streams really well. Naval Action: I did a steam search for water based names. Disney•Pixar Finding Nemo: It would be adorable. Possibly also terrible. X-COM: Terror From the Deep: BRUTALLY hard followup to the original X-COM that is not as good. But you fight lobsermen. Stranded Deep Any version of Myst, just go to the shipwreck world first. Simcity (Any variant… Read more »

Viscera Clean-Up Detail – Clean up other peoples’ messes


Debb totes took my first pick…

Wave Race 64 – Jet ski racing involves lots and lots of water. It sure would be a lot less fun if the water was dirty and gross


Dark Cloud II features a/its first dungeon with a canal system theme.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors: You need water (as ammo) to survive!

Aquanaut’s Holiday: It’s, uh, underwater. So you’ll think about water, and discuss water, and donate for water?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Survival game! Snake hangs out in some seriously gross water.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct: Pretty sure you had to collect water bottles for health or something.

Silent Hill Downpour: Downpour! Downpours are full of water.


dead rising 2 because you save in the bathroom and also something something PP stephonee said someone should request it ok.


Final Fantasy X! You play sportball underwater and there is a watery badguy.

Pokemon Sapphire: Team Aqua wants to raise the water level worldwide.

Horse Parties

Dishonored! Whaling and sanitation issues! Lots of rats!

DJMuffin Crumbs

I’m currently playing through all the Pokemon games using ONLY Water/Ice type pokemon for a charity: water campaign. I’m calling it Pokemon H20%

Planning on making it a speedrun category for next year when I do it again. Been successful so far! Definitely worth trying, would be fun to see how others do it!



Phantasy Star IV takes place on a planet that has failing biological regulators, which means less water and more desert.


Tokyo Jungle! Herbivores need clean water sources and plant life TO SURVIVE.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny — Haven’t played this but you need to water your plants in Rune Factory 4 so… Also Internet says you explore the ocean in/with a Golem? Risen 2: Dark Waters — It’s pirate themed so there’s water involved. You go from island to island and I think I remember you actually see yourself on the boat. Waterworld — (if you could get this game, it looks like it’d be expensive to order but I’m suggesting it anyway because I think it sounds kinda neat.) It’s for SNES and is set in a future where the… Read more »
Allyson R.

Ōkami – Because some of the levels are all about purifying poisonous “evil” waters.