#WorldWaterDay Game-a-thon 2016 – Games & Players

By | March 16, 2016

World Water Day Games and Players

It’s almost time for our very first World Water Day Game-a-thon! We opened up the floor for you to suggest the games you want to see us play, that fall within a World Water Day theme. And boy, did you deliver! After much deliberating behind closed doors, here are the games (and the justifications for how they fit the theme) that won out:

Game Justification
 Aqua Aqua  “A puzzle game where you create landscapes to manage water.” -Tracy/Grant
 Aquanaut’s Holiday  “It’s, uh, underwater. So you’ll think about water, and discuss water, and donate for water?” – Grant
 Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag  “On a boat!” -Jimmy
 Banjo-Kazooie  “Entire section of Mad Monster Mansion takes place in a toilet.” -Chip
 Beautiful Katamari  “There is a level where you have to roll up objects relating to water/the ocean.” – Stephonee
 Beyond Oasis  “Aside from having ‘oasis’ right in the name? Part of the game revolves around the character trying to gain the ability to summon a water spirit.” – Stephonee
 Bioshock  “Scary, takes place underwater, also gross.” -Horse Parties
 Dead Rising 2: Off The Record  “Because you save in the bathroom and also something something PP stephonee said someone should request it ok.” -Chloe
 Dishonored  “Whaling and sanitation issues! Lots of rats!” -Horse Parties
 Ecco The Dolphin  “I mean, dolphins fighting pollution.” -Horse Parties, Canageek, Jason from The Cave
 Fallout: New Vegas  “Survival Mode where you must drink water.” -Tracy
 Final Fantasy X  “You play sportball underwater and there is a watery badguy.” -Grant
 Harvest Moon 64  “Your plants need water to survive!” -Stephonee
 Jaws Unleashed  BONUS GAME -Chip
 Last of Us  “Survival game, fungi can clear water & soil.” -Horse Parties
 Man vs. Wild  “It’s important to stay hydrated.” -Bear Grylls, repeatedly, during this game (also Jinx)
 Metal Gear Solid 3  “Survival game! Snake hangs out in some seriously gross water.” – Grant
 Myst  “Go to the shipwreck world first.” -Canageek
 Ōkami  “Because some of the levels are all about purifying poisonous “evil” waters.” -Allyson
 Oregon Trail  “Dysentary!” -Horse Parties
 Phantasy Star IV  “Takes place on a planet that is increasingly devoid of water and ecological sustainability.” -Chip
 Pokemon Sapphire  “Team Aqua wants to raise the water level worldwide.” -Grant, Bloodyfufu
 Risen 2: Dark Waters  “It’s pirate themed so there’s water involved. You go from island to island and I think I remember you actually see yourself on the boat.” -umchristine
 Silent Hill Downpour  “Downpour. Downpours are full of water.” – Grant
 Silent Service  “Takes place in water?” -Canageek
 Super Mario Sunshine  “Many of the missions revolve around cleaning grime with a water pump.” -Debbstep
 Tampon Run  “Menstruation and sanitation concerns.” -Stephonee and Jen
 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct  “Pretty sure you had to collect water bottles for health or something.” – Grant
 Tokyo Jungle  “Herbivores need clean water and plant life to survive.” -Chip
 Viscera Cleanup Detail  “Clean up other peoples’ messes.” – nancymarie
 Zombies Ate My Neighbors  “You need water (as ammo) to survive!” – Grant

Don’t see a game you suggested? We did limit the World Water Day games to only the best justifications for how the games fit the theme. BUT, you can always re-suggest a game for our June event, UPickVG 5 – no justification of theme needed!

And just who is it that will be playing these games as you donate for them?

World Water Day Player Shift Schedule

Monday March 21st
8pm – Midnight Stephonee
Tuesday March 22nd
Midnight – 4am Colin
4am – 8am Chloe
8am – Noon Chip
Noon – 4pm DebbStep
4pm – 8pm Horse Parties
8pm – Midnight Stephonee

All times above are Eastern Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours). The marathon will be starting at Midnight (morning side) on World Water Day in GMT, and continuing until Midnight (evening side) on World Water Day in EDT, which is what makes it a 28-hour long World Water Day! 😀

So go ahead, donate now to get these players playing the World Water Day games of your choice! Yep, we said “donate now” … because donations are now open! Remember that each dollar you donate to our charity: water campaign gives points to the game of your choice. Every hour, we’ll spin the Wheel of Destiny to see which of the top-ranked games (in terms of those points!) we play for the next hour. When the Wheel lands on a game, it loses all of its current points and goes back to the bottom of the list. (So if you want to see it again, you’ll have to donate again!)

Stack that Wheel up with the games of your choice! Any donations made before 7:50pm ET March 21st (the first Wheel spin) will count for that first Wheel spin, and the points will carry over into the following hours (other than the game that is landed on, of course).

Donate to clean water projects

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