Hyrule Beyblade Go Go Fight Yes

By | June 3, 2015

This is a good game.  A good, serious, quality, fun game.  No need to make jokes here.

Link rides a... beyblade!?! In Hyrule Warriors

Uhhhhhmmmm, he is definitely riding a beyblade.

This game takes itself very seriously, with plenty of realistic weapons.

Link fights with an 8-bit sword in Hyrule Warriors

What is that? A Minecraft sword?

The highly detailed costumes are constantly impressive.

Link wears his super fashionable postman outfit in Hyrule Warriors

Wait. Why is this happening? What is this?

And uh, there’s co-op, so we can yell at each other for your amusement.

[Editors Note: And you can donate now for Hyrule Warriors to see any of this (all of this?) during our upcoming 48-hour-straight marathon on June 12th!]

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