UPickVG IV Player Shift Schedule

By | May 9, 2015

You are super hyped for UPickVG IV, the upcoming 48-hour-long video game marathon where you get to pick the games that are played. You’ve requested games that you want to see, you’ve been voting on all those requested games to solidify their inclusion, and you’re shoving gobs of money into a special savings account just to donate as much as possible to make ______ play that game!

But wait a second… what about that ______ in the last sentence? Just who is gonna play these darn games in the name of charity, anyway?

We’re glad you asked! And in response, we’re proud to announce the Player 1 Shift Schedule for UPickVG IV:

Friday, June 12th
8pm – Midnight Grant
Saturday, June 13th
Midnight – 4am Chloe
4am – 8am Sarah
8am – Noon Chip
Noon – 4pm Stephonee
4pm – 8pm Tracy
8pm – Midnight DebbStep*
Sunday, June 14th
Midnight – 4am Grant
4am – 8am Sarah
8am – Noon Jimmy
Noon – 4pm NightHawk
4pm – 8pm Greg

All times above are Eastern Daylight Time. Clicking on a time will show you that time in your local timezone. Clicking on the name of a Player will take you to their bio.

*This shift previously belonged to JohnnyVengeance, who will unfortunately no longer be able to make it to UPickVG IV. The good news is that the illustrious DebbStep will be taking over his shift!

So start planning your donations for the games you want all these cool cats to play, and tune in Friday, June 12th to see what happens to us:

UPickVG Player: Stephonee




UPickVG Player: Chip Chasterson

Chip Chasterson

UPickVG Player: Chloe

Super Chloe

UPickVG Player: Sarah


UPickVG Player: Jimmy


UPickVG Player: Tracy


UPickVG Player: NightHawk


UPickVG Player: Greg


UPickVG Player DebbStep


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