What Video Games Will We Play? VOTE NOW!

By | May 1, 2015

UPickVG IV, the 4th U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity, is coming June 12th! And we want to know – just what games are you going to subject us to this time?

Your vote below will help determine which games are available to donate for in our 48-hour long marathon. You have until the end of the day on May 15th to get your votes in! You can vote for multiple games at once (pick all the ones you like!) and you can vote once per day, so…

Vote early, vote often! (Until May 15th!)

(Can’t see the poll below? Click here!)

Tips: (Yes, we’re going to tell you how to rig the poll for a game you want!)

  1. The games appear in random order every time the poll loads, so as to not give favor to the games that happen to be at the top. If you’re looking for a specific game, use “Ctrl+F” to search for the game’s name.
  2. Don’t see the name of a game above that you wanted? Use that “Other” box to do a write-in vote, son!
  3. Best way to get a game you want to do well in the poll? Vote every day, and harass your friends and family to vote for that specific game, too. Remember to be specific when you harass people – a Facebook post of just the link to this blog post won’t get Aunt Edna to vote for Dark Souls – you gotta tell her what game to vote for.
  4. Share the poll on all your social media networks. It’s for charity, and voting is cool.
  5. Tips #3 and #4 go double if you’re doing a write-in vote for something that’s not in the poll. You’ll have to work extra hard to convince friends, family, and your social networks to come back often and write in the name of the game you want. (And next time, don’t be slow, and request games before we do the poll.)
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9 years ago

hi hmm dont see icewind dale one could you not get it to work it only works for me atfer i bought the steam copy o well hmm for more games not sure you need any tho 😛 darkest dungeon is good and i hear the talos prinaple is very good hmm pillars of eterenty and divinity original sin are said to be the best rpgs of the year you guys have alot of games there hopfully you are going to do this over many days or a week or 3 ?