Jackie Chan Seems Like A Pretty Good Grandson

By | June 1, 2015

I love Jackie Chan.  Remember that time when he was in The Legend of Drunken Master?

Slimy Jackie Chan in Drunken Master

Srs slimy muscle Chan is my hero

Or when he got to hang out with Chris Tucker?

Jackie Chan with Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

This is probably not as funny as I remember it being…

Well, he was also in this PS1 game.

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster for PS One

I guess he’s jump kicking while holding a pool cue, but I always saw this as spiderman swinging towards me. Jackie Chan: Spidermanmaster

Screenshot from Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster on PS One

Kickin dudes in the crotch. Because justice and grandfathers and whatever.










Someone kidnaps his grandpa so Jackie goes on an adventure to save him which mostly entails collecting masks, because who doesn’t love awkward platforming and item collection (kill me).  Luckily this is a world where 99% of the population are gang members who want to fight you.  You won’t be completely bored chasing masks you never wanted because you’ll be hitting thugs with fish and car mufflers.

It isn’t good.  It isn’t fun.  It IS going to get played for charity.

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