UPickVG IV: Introducing… the Mystery Games

By | May 31, 2015

For UPickVG IV, you’ve got a new option on the list of Available Games that you can donate to see us play: the Mystery Game. The great and mysterious Mystery Game! It could be anything!

Family Guy: A boat's a boat, but the mystery box could be anything!

Well, any game, anyway. The Mystery Game is not a boat. It’s definitely a game. But it could be any game! Even a game about boats!

When you donate for the Mystery Game, you’re donating for one hour of a mysterious game that is not elsewhere on the Available Games list. (So there’s Hint #1: it’s a game other than anything else that’s on the list!) But actually, “Mystery Game” is a bit of a misnomer – it really should be plural: “Mystery Games.”

UPickVG IV - Mystery Games

Luigi and Garrus are guarding the Mystery Games so that no one can sneak a peek

There will be 10 total Mystery Games available for UPickVG IV. Each carefully wrapped with some nice doodles on the outside of the wrapping, courtesy of Gamemasters Chip and Grant, to give a helpful clue as to the contents of each package (or just make things more confusing – what do those frowny faces with X eyes even mean!?!).

When the Wheel of Destiny lands on a Mystery Game (and it will… if there are enough donations for “Mystery Game” to get into the Top 5!), the Player on shift for that hour will get to pick from the box of Mystery Games, using only the drawings on the outside of the package as their clues. They will then unwrap the package so that all may learn its contents, and play the game within for one hour – no matter what it is!

Once the game is revealed, you’ll be able to donate for that game specifically, just like any other game on the list, if you want to see another hour of it later in the marathon. Or, you can donate for “Mystery Game” again, and force a Player to choose again from the now-smaller selection of Mystery Games!

What if Chip or Grant is the Player on shift when the Mystery Game comes up on the Wheel? Don’t they know what the games are? Yup – that’s why, if the Wheel lands on Mystery Game during one of their shifts, they don’t get to pick the game for themselves! Someone else in the crew (the rest of us have no idea what those games could be) will do the picking for a Grant or Chip shift.

Will the audience get to help pick which Mystery Game package we want to see opened and played? Probably! It depends on the Player, but most of us are inclined to ask the Chat’s opinion on things. So make sure you have a Twitch.tv login before UPickVG IV starts, so you can make your opinions known!

Can I donate for the Mystery Game right now so that it’ll get in the Top Five and all this magical mystery stuff will happen? Yes friend, you can: Donate now!

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