Last Chance to Request Games for UPickVG 5!

By | April 24, 2016

UPickVG 5 is coming, June 3rd-5th! And just like all of our mega charity game-a-thons, YOU get to pick the games we’ll be playing! But you’ve only got a limited time left to let us know what games you want

Starting Sunday May 1st, we’ll take the games you’ve requested on the Request Games page and make a super-giant-awesome voter poll out of them all! So you want to get your requests in to us before May 1st, to make sure they make it into the poll. Once the poll is opened, the Request Games page will be closed for business, and at that point, you’ll only be able to add new games via a write-in campaign on the poll (and trust us, getting your game suggestions in before the deadline is a heck’ova lot easier than doing a write-in campaign in the poll).

So request the games you want to see now, and get your voting fingers ready for May 1st!