Sponsor Spotlight: Mini Museum

By | April 22, 2016

At our first World Water Day Game-a-thon, the U-Pick Crew was excited to offer fabulous prizes such as a copy of Hyrule Historia and a Limited Edition Portal Gun Replica.  Our wonderful viewers tuned in, donated, and exchanged their Karma Points for a chance to win these physical items.  But once the dust settled and the raffle winners were chosen, the task of delivering these geeky goodies remained.

Fortunately, Mini Museum has graciously offered to serve as the official Shipping Sponsor for the U-Pick Prize Giveaways!


Mini Museum offers personal collections of the rarest objects from Earth (and beyond!) artfully arranged and encased in acrylic.  Each collection of specimens comes with a certificate of authenticity, along with a Companion Guide that provides details on each of the items and essays on the making of the Mini Museum.  The hands-on nature of the acrylic displays, combined with the impressive information within the Companion Guide, makes the Mini Museum a valuable learning tool and delightful collectible.


The Second Edition of the Mini Museum is currently available for pre-order, and features 26 specimens including skin from the Hindenburg, plate from a Stegosaurus, and medieval chain mail. This collection is well-curated and lovingly handcrafted to inspire for generations.  Please check them out and be sure to lay down a pre-order, as supplies are very limited!

The U-Pick Crew is so thankful to Mini Museum for their generous sponsorship, and we look forward to offering more great giveaways in our future marathons!

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