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Gravity Gun Replica Prize for #UPickVG5

On Saturday June 4th starting at 6:30pm and ending at 7:30pm ET, we will be giving away a Limited Edition Gravity Gun Replica.  This Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator is an officially licensed Half-Life 2 collectible made by NECA. The device is a life-size 1:1 scale replica of Gordon Freeman’s fantastic contraption.  It features orange LEDs, 2 handles, 2… Read More »

Portal 2 Merch Bundle Prize for #UPickVG5

On Sunday June 5th starting at 12:30pm and ending at 1:30pm ET, we will be giving away a bundle of limited edition Portal 2 merchandise.  All of these items are officially licensed by Valve and rather hard to come by.  For your testing pleasure, we’re including: Portal Gun and Weighted Companion Cube Keychains Aperture Science is… Read More »