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Sponsor Spotlight: ThinkGeek

For our very first World Water Day Game-a-thon, the U-Pick Crew received a generous donation from ThinkGeek! ThinkGeek is a massive online retailer of unique and authentic geeky goodies.  Since opening in 1999, ThinkGeek has been on a mission to create a world where everyone can embrace their inner geek and connect with one another.… Read More »

Portal Gun Replica Prize for #WorldWaterDay

[Update]: Congrats to our winner, green_b! On Tuesday March 22nd starting at 8:30pm and ending at 9:30pm ET, we will be giving away a Limited Edition Portal Gun Replica.  This Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is an officially licensed Portal/Portal 2 collectible made by NECA. The device is a life-size 1:1 scale replica of Chell’s fantastic… Read More »