Donation Certificates for Your Gifting Needs

By | November 27, 2015

Would you like to make a donation to a UPickVG charity: water fundraiser in someone else’s name as a gift? It makes the perfect gift for a hard-to-shop for loved one, especially someone who loves video games! To give you something to wrap up or slip into a card, we’ve made these handy-dandy donation gift certificates for you to use!

Just make a donation to our fundraiser, then print one of these out to give a gift that literally keeps on giving:

$30 Suggested Donation Certificate

Why $30? Because that’s the amount that it takes to give one person in the developing world clean water access for life. This certificate comes with the $30 amount filled-in for you, so you just have to write in your name and the recipient’s name:

UPickVG charity: water Donation Certificate for $30Printable PDF | PNG Image

Donation Certificate for Any Amount

Got an amount other than $30 in mind? This version of the printable donation gift certificate leaves the upper right corner blank, so you can fill the amount in with whatever makes sense for your gift budget. Just don’t forget to fill the amount in when you put the names on the certificate!

UPickVG charity: water Donation Certificate for Any AmountPrintable PDF | PNG Image

Happy gifting!

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