Video Game Charity Marathons – A Chat on the Culture Clash Podcast

By | June 9, 2015

Culture Clash Podcast

This week, our own Stephonee went on the Culture Clash podcast to talk about video games, streaming, and of course, video game charity marathons like UPickVG and Desert Bus for Hope! Give it a listen:

Culture Clash Episode 7 ft. Stephonee of UPickVG


1:23 – Stephonee introduces herself and gives the “elevator pitch” for UPickVG
23:35 – Relevant news: YouTube introduces 60 FPS streaming to attract gaming streams
32:36 – Discussing the details of UPickVG and charity streams in general
46:10 – Stephonee shares the history of how she got into video game charity streaming, including the mysterious charity stream she did before founding UPickVG!
1:16:32 – What YouTube could do if they’re really interested in attracting video game streams to their service

You can catch more of the Culture Clash podcast on the Survivor_TV Twitch channel, where the show is recorded live every Saturday at 20:00 UTC.

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