How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Battletoads

By | May 28, 2015

Hey there, gamers!  Chip Chasterson here with the top secret tricks to master your Nintendo Entertainment System.  This week, I got the inside scoop from Rare on how to unlock the secret ending in their latest brawler bash, Battletoads.  Check it out!

Battletoads: Level 1 - Ragnarok's Canyon

By now, you’ve wrecked the robot in Ragnarok’s Canyon and crushed the crows in the Wookie Hole.  Now it’s time to tackle the tricky Turbo Tunnel.  While a lot of other websites will tell ya that this is only the third level in Battletoads, we’ve gotten the official word from Rare that the Turbo Tunnel is actually the secret final level!  How do you get the real ending?  Clean out your ears and listen up!

First things first, ya gotta take care of those slimy Scuzz.  Just give ‘em the Big Bad Boot or the Jawbuster and these rats will kick the bucket.  After a few well-placed punches, you’re ready to hop on your Speed Bike to freedom!

Battletoads Turbo Tunnel

Once you’re sitting pretty on the Speed Bike, you will notice some pink walls showing up on the right side of the screen.  While every part of your Gamer Skillz(™) is telling ya to dodge the walls, you wanna run into these rose-colored rocks to unlock the true ending.  I know it sounds crazy, and the instruction manual says to watch out, but that thing is full of lies!  Drive into the walls and save the day!

After you crash into those walls enough times, you will be treated to the real ending for Battletoads- Game Over, You Win!

Battletoads Secret Ending

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