Shiny and New: Video Archive Page!

By | February 5, 2015

2013 - Ninjabread ManHave you ever visited our page and been like “Man, guys, I’d love to watch some of your old stuff, but this is crazy hard to navigate!” We feel you, friend. So that’s why we’ve painstakingly dug up all of our past footage and put it into a handy-dandy guide for you! It’s called the “Video Archive” and it’s available for your perusal… right now!

Looking for that time when we all sang the theme song while Grant rolled up the world in Beautiful Katamari? It’s on there. Or that time when Santa Jimmy needed at least two people to help him drive a vertical tank in Steel Battalion? That’s there, too. And when we needed more zell because of Snow White Dan? That too! Well, sort of.

2012 Unicorn Snow White Dan

2012 was a really weird year

Some footage has been lost to technical difficulties along the way. We’re super sorry about that (we’re probably more sorry than anyone)! But the vast majority of it is still available, and now it’s really easy to find what you want to watch, on the spiffy Video Archive page.

And of course, as we hold more marathons, we’ll update the page with new footage. So bookmark the page (or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days to keep links for later), just in case you miss a minute or two of our next U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity.

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