Stephonee and Chip on the RetroNick Radio Podcast

By | February 28, 2014

There’s no time like several weeks too late to post about a podcast appearance, amirite? Alright, alright, we’re sorry.

So first, RetroNick radio had Chip and Stephonee on the show a few weeks before the December Marathon to grill us about the upcoming shenanigans. You can have a listen below, or even a watch with the YouTube link! (Warning: much Batman.)

RetroNick Radio Episode 70: Super U-Pick VG Charity 64




And a few months later, Stephonee was invited back on the show for more torture enjoyable banter during her unfortunate period of unemployment:

RetroNick Radio Episode 75: Just Die Already!




Thanks to RetroNick and Steve for having us on the show… and sorry we suck at mentioning that here on the blog in a timely manner. It will probably happen again.

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