Testy Test Form

By | May 7, 2016
New UPickVG Donation Form Demo
A demonstration of how the new donation form would work!
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Your Name
Please type your name as you want it to appear on your donation. If you will be donating anonymously, please type "Anonymous"
Your Twitch Username
Not required, but if you give us your Twitch username we can give you Karma Points in chat for your donation!
Amount of your donation (in USD)
Pick a game for us to play!
Additional game option added 5/7
Choice Chamber
Jackbox Party Pack
Mystery Game!
Steel Battalion
Pokemon Stadium
No preference - let the chat choose for me!
Leave a comment
Want to request anything else along with your donation? Or leave us words of encouragement? Write that here and it may be read out loud on air!
Your Email Address
Not required! But if you give us your email address, we'll be able to thank you for your donation, and send you extremely rare email updates about new marathons and such. We will never spam you!
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